Why You Should Join LinkedIn

linkedin improve your profileLinkedIn is a professional network designed specificaly for the business community. In it you will show your education, experience, habilities, expertise and share your thoughts related to your career.

LinkedIn allows you to connect with people you trust. Unlike open networks as Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn only permits you to access people you know, via e-mail contacts. You can connect with other professionals you know if they are already connected with other people you have among your contacts by sending them a message first (required by the network). Premium subscriptions can be purchased to provide members with better access to contacts in the LinkedIn database.

Are you looking for a job? LinkedIn members can search for jobs, join groups, research companies, and network with members of their network.

Companies can post information about the company and job listings on company pages. Companies can also contact LinkedIn members for recruiting purposes.

How to Improve Your LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn profile is your main weapon since it is basically your resume. Here are some tips:

1.-Use a nice, professional picture. It doesn’t mean you have to be all serious. Let your picture portrait your attitude as if you were going to an interview with a potential client or employer.


  • Use a current head shot.
  • Hire a photographer if possible.
  • Use solid background colors.


  • Include other elements on the picture like pets, people, products.
  • Be over the top (hair, make up, clothes, jewelry)
  • Use an entire body photo. Remember, people must recognize you.

2.- Education and Experience. The more you add, the more honest you will appear

3.- Summary. The Summary section of your LinkedIn profile is a great way to highlight your experience. Sell yourself! Don’t forget to add the skills you have, like languages for example.

4.- E-mail signature. Including a link to your LinkedIn profile in your e-mail signature will allow people you contact to find all what they need to know about you easily.

5.- Skills. Don’t be shy and show the world all your habilities and knowledge. Place them in the right order so your contact can validate your skills. Don’t forget to validate your contacts as well!

LinkedIn Company Pages

A LinkedIn Company Page gives a business a fantastic opportunity to promote its products and services, recruit top talent, and share important, interesting, and useful updates. Make yours for success!

1.- Sumary. Write the best description of your business. You know it better than anybody! Make it consistent with other social networks and provide all the informations customers may need. And don’t forget your keywords. LinkedIn company pages are usually the first to appear on Google Search. Use your SEO knowledge!

2.- Add products and services, and of course, make sure that your most important one is listed first.

3.- Catch the eye with a stunning cover image. Professional pictures or illustrations will drive more attention to your business page.

4.- Ask your employees to connect with the company’s page. Make them understand the important of good references and a good online behavior after all, they are the motor and the face of the company to the costumers.

5.- Updates. Show your expertise. Share tips, news and any kind of useful information your contacts may need. Pictures of events or products are also very recommendable.

6.- Ask for reviews. People trust testimonials. Good reviews will atract more followers.

7.- Use targeted updates to promote more effectively. Use the LinkedIn Company Page targeted updates feature to make certain updates visible only to segments of your follower audience. You can target by employee or non-employee, company size, industry, function, seniority, or geography.