Social Networks Statistics 2015

Here’s some statistics of last year’s users of social networks in the US. Facebook and Twitter continue to be the most popular options, though Instagram popularity is growing and will give some competition to the previous mentioned.
Now, some numbers to have in mind:

grafica-users social media statistics 2015


20.5% of Facebook users will be in the 25-34 demographic.
22.6% of Twitter users will be in the 18-24 demographic with 52.9 million users in total in 2015.
22% of Pinterest users, similar to Facebook, will be in the 25-34 demographic.
Instagram falls second behind Facebook (156.5 million) for total number of users with a figure of 60.3 million in 2015, increasing to 65.3 million in 2016.
The 65+ demographic will see the largest increase in social media users to 16.6 million from 2015-2016.


This will come in handy when you decide in which direction your social media efforts will turn.