Social Media Tips For Nonprofits


I Have a Nonprofit… Should I Get a Social Media Strategy?

Of course you do! Social media is a great platform for nonprofit organizations to show their work, raise funds and what is MOST IMPORTANT, continue being useful.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus and, of course, LinkedIn will help your purposes, all you need is to have in mind the following tips:

1.- Focus on being useful: This is why you sign in for, right? Potential donors can fly away if they detect your intentions are only about rising funds for your organization. Be a resource and make people happy. Let them feel a little warm in their hearts every time they see your posts.

2.- Give them a place: It’s not only about money. You also need help and to create conscience about your cause. If you look vulnerable people will be more likely to help, either with their time, or any kind of donations. Let them participate and they will share everything: pictures, links, videos, all of it. Remember it is SOCIAL MEDIA! Interact with your audience, talk to them, have conversations, hear their thoughts and listen to their ideas.

3.- Design as a powerful tool: It’s not a must, but investing on good design allows Nonprofits audience to connect better with them and their cause, they will trust you even more.

4.- Visual is the key: Posts with pictures are 94% more engaging than text-only. Increase your audience adding videos, graphics, and interactive media.

5.- Write correctly: You don’t need to be Shakespeare, but a correct syntax and spelling will transmit your message clear to your followers. Tell your story and get people involved to create awareness. A great way to do this is showing the result of your actions. Show your before and afters. No shame in that! Be proud of what you’re doing.

6.- Google has tools specially for Nonprofit Organizations such as a calendar, Google Ad Grants, Adwords, among others. Find all the information here.

7.- LinkedIn also offers information and training to help your cause. Check out this webinar. Here you’ll learn tools and techniques using the LinkedIn Social Platform.