Improve (or complete) your Social Media Profiles

improve-your-social-media-profiles-social-sirensIf you’re one of those people that are happy with little, we’re sad to inform you that it might not work on your favor this time. Not completing your company’s social media profiles can prevent people from finding it and the information they need from it.

The first step is consistency. Use your logo as your profile picture in every social media platform you use. Pick high-quality pictures to set as your cover photos and make sure they include little or no text. Remember mobile devices have a different view of the pages, so some pictures will appear incomplete or cropped.

Complete your short description with your main keywords. Remember the principles of SEO? These are applicable also on social media. LinkedIn profiles tend to appear on Google even before your actual webpage so keywords should be on point.

Contact information should be updated everytime. Don’t save it for later! If you change location, phone number or even website you should inform everyone and make a campaign for some time on every platform you use.

Are you on another social network? Let your users know!