Get More Traffic On Twitter

increase twitter trafficYou get traffic from Twitter when YOUR VISITORS tweet your content.

It does not matter how many followers you have on Twitter; what matters is how many of your website visitors will tweet your content to their followers.
And it is your job to make them do that!
Just give them something good to tweet:
a quote;
a take away;
a catchy phrase;
a smart idea;
a statistic.
According to the clinical psychologist Oliver James, people love tweeting things that make them look good in the eyes of their followers
Yep! That’s why we love sharing smart quotes on social media – they make us look good!
Why “Tweetables” Work So Well

Did you know that…

According to Jakob Nielsen, 79% of people always scan through any new page that they came across and only 16% read it word for word.
According to Josh Schwartz, there’s no correlation between social shares and people actually reading your article.
This means that a lot of people will tweet your content without reading – just because something has caught their eye.