Why You Should Join LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional network designed specificaly for the business community. In it you will show your education, experience, habilities, expertise and share your thoughts related to your career. LinkedIn allows Read more

Social Media is #1 activity on the web

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Improve (or complete) your Social Media Profiles

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Increase Your E-commerce Sales

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Twitter increases number of characters

According to Re/code, Twitter is working on a new feature that will allow users to write more than 140 characters. It will include a “Read more” button so the twitter feed won’t get saturated. We are a little excited Read more

How to manage social media crisis

Probably you’ve heard about a lot of cases of people or companies getting in trouble because of inappropriate posts either from themselves, costumers, hackers or even I-got-nothing-to-do trolls. Whatever the case is, Read more

Now you can block on Gmail

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6 Ideas to Create Great Content for Social Media

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How to Create a Successful Campaign During Holidays

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Instagram for Small Businesses

This platform has become one of the essentials. It shows the world who you are in a language that says more than the most complicated words: images. Here are some tips to make your way through Instagram a little Read more